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I have not done a Gaia Ascension Update in quite a while so I thought I had better considering that things have really taken off!

My message is really very simple and I will try to consolidate it within this one post so bear with me…We are now living within a new reality with new rules and new energies. Yet we remain trapped within the present moment of our own creation. This post will simply tell you how to destroy and create…according to your own will and direction with the support of others. I wish each and every one of you the best…

What you do with this information is up to you and that is why I call this the final instruction. From this moment forward you have the ability to create your own reality and if you choose not to act, that is in itself an action…But know this…those that use these tools will ascend and quickly leave behind all who choose to not use these tools…this is what our world now comes down to…those who use these tools and those who do not. We are all free and we all create our own personal realities!

The Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation that I have given or a version of it should be done once a day to maximize personal empowerment in our daily lives. We need to ask for those things that we desire in life…most of us don’t even ask…and we need to support each other…we share the same collective soul of humanity and are all a part of each other. We also need to tap into the new energies of the universe and Gaia’s ascension.

If you are really sincere about creating a new reality for yourself you need to enjoy two prolonged orgasms at the end of each day that are within two hours of each other if possible. This may be with a partner or without a partner. If it is without a  partner you should visualize your divine counterpart and make astral love to him or her.

The energy needs to radiate throughout the entire body and move upwards toward Source and completely fill both of you. The orgasm should be prolonged to twenty minutes if possible so that the energy will penetrate as deeply into the astral as possible…everything else will happen automatically…there is nothing more…you will be guided…

Know this…when you feel drained you need to learn how to use your body to create more energy so that you are not drained. Use it or lose it! As the energy channels open up more energy becomes available. Everything else is BS!



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