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Tomorrow, June 4th, is Pentecost and I hope this post will shed some light in the world. I will begin by describing the two timelines that currently exist, or the two new universes that all beings have energetically been moved to while this final 3D drama acts out. Our old eon selves remain here but our new selves exist in either of these two locations.

The first and the victorious one is created from the organic life force of all living things. It is Gaia’s timeline and she has sheltered and given protection to all forms of life as she has shifted to her new vibratory location. This timeline is the home of the New Elves, Gaia’s own original ascended species. It consists of 4th density through 10th density and replaces that area previously dominated by reptilians who have been expelled.

The failing timeline catches up everyone else that is 5th density and up. It is non-organic and ruled by artificial intelligence using narrative to influence the human collective in various ways. It is not heart friendly, but of the mind removed from the heart.

We are currently physically acting out the final phases of this huge conflict between the timelines. Individuals on both sides of this conflict are making use of every second of these end times for unheard of opportunities in soul development and soul empowerment. Once we drop these physical shells such soul development and soul empowerment will no longer be possible.

Since everything has already been acted out and resolved in the astral my own work is done. For me and others like me the main thing now is to sit back, enjoy the show and simply survive! This is easier said than done! There are plenty of ways to still get into trouble. There are some things that are too dangerous to talk about and I’m going to talk about them. Please allow me some slack if this seems too cryptic. We are soon coming to the days when search engines and even browsers will have the ability to flag and destroy both web pages and personal computers by infecting them with viruses. Every day once common resource websites are disappearing from the web. Search engines don’t direct to them. This is only going to get worse until freedom of speech is totally destroyed.

The remainder of this post is to help you understand the big picture events taking place that are most important and directions to a website that will probably be one of the last ones to go. I’m also going to be doing this in a way that I hope will not flag my own post and cause problems for myself. In fact, this brings up a very important point. While it remains vital to share this information with as many people as possible, it is also very important that the search engine footprint remains as small as possible! Please don’t repost or link this post. Instead create your own post in your own words and share that with at least ten people! Perhaps some of those people will in turn share the information in their own words to others. Decentralization is the name of the game here. The information and the people are most safe when it is passed from person to person in small clusters. Trending topics and trending websites are being attacked if they don’t carry the approved politically correct narrative! Keep it small, but pass it on!

There are two things of consequence to watch for in the news. Every thing else is distraction. The first thing is the lawsuit against the DNC by Bernie Sanders supporters. This is really at the core and heart of all that has been happening. The second thing is the upcoming vote on reauthorizing secret government surveillance of the general American public without cause. This vote will happen next fall. Everything else is smoke and mirrors!

Now for some cryptic directions to a website that I suggest will be among the last to be brought down. I will be using xxx or 123 to mask certain words or phrases. If possible try to avoid using windows 10. I use windows 10 and it recently did a massive upload that I don’t really trust. I also have an android tablet that I can use to search out this website. I recommend the Tor browser just to keep my activity as invisible as possible.

Use xxxgoodgopher.com123 as a search engine. Type in a search for this person, last name xxxkash123, first name xxxclaudia123. There will probably only be one or two listings and one of those will be the page I’m referring to. You can’t miss it. If you already know this name and what it represents you know everything!

bright blessings,


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