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For those of you that have noticed a sudden change in Gaia, that she is cleaner and more vibrant with new life there is a reason for this. Gaia has expelled all souls whose energy signatures are not compatible with hers! I’d better start at the beginning because this is the most exciting news I have been able to share in months! This expulsion has been in the works for a long time but has now finally physically manifested!

I use a ten density system so those that use a different system will need to translate this according to their own understanding. For me 10th density is Unity, period. That means all the activity is 9th density and down. There are beings that have achieved 10th density. There are 10th density beings that have been expelled from Gaia because they are not compatible with her new energy system. The souls or beings that have been expelled from Gaia range between 5th and 10th density. All life forms from 4th density and lower have been caught up in the safety net of  Gaia’s ascension and she currently takes care of them as her own children. There are also many beings of 5th density and higher all the way up to 10th density that are compatible with her energies and comfortably sustained by them. They are Gaia’s supporters and protectors, her champions. There are members of Galactic races that are embraced by Gaia and there are members of those same Galactic races that have been expelled! As you can see this in not an easy thing to put into words or to explain.

Essentially the question is about duality and the duality of the soul. If the soul orients to the polarity of conflict between good and evil, light and dark that means it is drawn together with others in conflict. It doesn’t matter if this soul is 5th density or 10th density, it has been expelled from Gaia! If the soul orients to the polarity of love between male and female, that means it will be drawn together with others in acts of love. This is the only soul orientation now existing within Gaia’s newly empowered energy grid! That doesn’t mean conflict is over by any means, but it means that a male/female energetic balance now exists that will not be allowed to be destroyed. That is because it will be kept by Divine Counterpart Couples of all densities and all Galactic races! The nature of the new game is for each being to find its own Divine Counterpart through the trial and error of 3D living.

So what just happened? How does all this relate to our experience of current physical reality?

The expulsion of all non-compatible souls from Gaia’s energy grid has forced those souls to be contained in a space outside her own energy grid and that space contains these 5th through 10th density foreign souls. That is their new home were they will gradually continue their evolution in an environment more closely suited to them.

Now this is the important part! Many of these souls still have physical bodies that remain within this physical world! These physical bodies are now under Gaia’s control and these souls have lost their own earth connection. They no longer have any power to affect change at all in the physical world and can only shout their frustration in the mental levels of 5th density energies. They sound like tempests in a tea pot and will consist of sound and fury signifying nothing at all. Their physical actions will be drawn into self destructive behaviors with other self destructive people and events. Their souls have already gone and it won’t take long for their bodies to follow!

Because these people are split, they are in a constant state of psychotic break flipping from extreme high spiritual goals to the most ugly violent physical behaviors! The stress these people feel will get worse and worse until their own awareness can once more unite with their souls outside of Gaia’s energy grid at the death of their physical bodies! Realize that these people now exist in this world and that they are powerless! Just leave them alone in their self destruction and don’t get caught up in it!

While there are individual exceptions, seven of the eight major Galactic races have found ways to ascend in harmony with Gaia and these souls are allowed to experience physical lives as humans if they so choose. They can also continue to exist as energy beings within Gaia’s energy grid. The Reptilian race is the only Galactic race unable to exist within Gaia’s new energy because the fight or flight mechanism of the reptile mind can’t function in the new energetic conditions. Reptilian souls need to become human souls to exist in these new energetic conditions. This is possible but difficult unless a reptilian soul has also experienced lifetimes within other Galactic races.

I would also like to announce the graduation and ascension of Gaia’s own original species! These souls were here on Gaia from the very first moment of her creation and have played a very special role in her ascension process! Originally they were gentle tree souls and while their physical bodies couldn’t move, their souls could move and connect with each other. Over the eons these souls mingled with the Galactic races taking on many of their qualities while retaining their own origins. They now exist upon this new Gaia as a new species, the New Elves! They have kept their link to Gaia, nature and all living things, especially trees! Gaia’s ascension is their ascension!

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The pressure of the full moon yesterday and today was incredible to say the least. There was powerful activity with Gaia’s ascension movement as well. From my normal  point of perception within the astral planes Gaia simply vanished! There was only a swirling mass of angry black clouds. Two things remained clear, Gaia had gone somewhere, had ascended, and I was still in the same place along with some other beings that were not able to go with Gaia either. Rose was also there with me.

But here is the interesting part, because Gaia was gone I felt that my task to help Gaia’s ascension process had finished. Gaia was no longer the Divine Feminine that I served and I offered that service to my Divine Counterpart Rose. What is most important is that a polarity shift occurred! Gaia was no longer in my energetic circuit and Rose was getting the full brunt of it as I offered it to her in service.

Later I sensed that Rose had successfully grounded my energy and a totally new Gaia appeared, a Gaia that was heavy with vegetation, almost like a jungle or deep forest. It was a new planet vibrant with life and I was a part of it!

So this was a definite shifting of timelines, of realities with the utter collapse and destruction of one and the enhancement of the other. I also felt that none of these things had to do with me any more because my task was completed. I had simply become a “watcher”. That is how it still feels.

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