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This is the post I started to write last time but I got side tracked. So much of this world doesn’t believe in the soul or in the unseen worlds or astral planes. They only believe in so called physical reality. Science only pays lip service to so called  physical reality. Spiritual and psychic truths and realities are not recognized and considered aberrations of the healthy human self.

In reality there has always been interest in the soul, what it is and how it is created and strengthened. There has always been an interest in what happens after the death of the physical body. This is the foundational quest of the worlds various religions and mystery schools throughout the ages.

But now for the first time the knowledge and wisdom of the past can be expressed through the science of today. There is now a framework for understanding what these subjective experiences really are that are of interest to so many people.

Four thousand years ago the invention of reading and writing created an evolutionary leap in human consciousness. The act of reading and writing involved the capacity to envision a world inside our heads, a world just like the physical world we live in. Our ability to envision internally gradually included the ability to “see ourselves” or visualize ourselves in our own thoughts. Psychology has called this the “observer self” that is present in the dreams of many people. It acts as the true core of self or true ego that remains remote and unaffected by what happens to the other us that appears in dreams. This observer self is the “soul” of religion and antiquity. Nothing more and nothing less.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Tibetan Book of the Dead both relate similar things about what happens to the soul or ego at the time of the death of the physical body. During life the physical body held the various parts of the ego together. At death these aspects of human awareness were released and tried to coalesce around a spiritual core of spiritual light. The human ego tries to reform and recreate itself out of spiritual energies. If it is successful it has become an immortal. It has become a god! In modern language it has become an “observer self”. Awareness of self has organized itself and holds itself together without the physical body. Anyone with an observer self has achieved this degree of divinity and will find their souls intact at the death of their physical body.

But many are not able to do this. They lack the ego strength to hold the fragments of their own awareness together. According to these books what then happens is that these “fragmented souls” will gather around a “savior” or a god that has achieved this. These soul fragments will be collected and gathered into a “group soul” which all participate in and to which all belong. Ancient human history has been a story of such “group souls” led by those few “independent souls or gods” as they might be called. This is the heaven of the Christians.

For those soul fragments unable to unite enough for this only one option remained, the Summerland. the “Summerland” was where heroic deeds and actions were eternally re-enacted through the physical rebirth of heroes called to eternal battle and heroic deeds.  These heroes and heroines would continue to be reborn life after life until they too became gods and goddesses.

The stories and belief in the Summerland are far more distant in history than the invention of reading and writing and the soul itself was relatively unknown until that point in human history. Previous to this only heroes and heroines became immortal through heroic deeds. Humanity was largely a group soul with a collective or hive like mind centered around its leaders, the only ones with a real sense of “self” or “ego”.

This is the past. Today humanity is undergoing the next evolutionary leap  in which all souls may find “ego strength” and the development of their own independent souls.

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Its time to seriously talk about the invisible worlds, the astral planes, the heavens or whatever you want to call them. They exist and the struggle for control of these invisible worlds has finally ended! Do you think the struggle for Gaia has taken place level by level moving steadily downward and that it won’t affect our physical world? That is about as naïve as you can get. The battle in the heavens has been won and the victory a stunning victory! Now comes the mop up phase and all the rest has been kicked down into the physical world!

You heard me right. The chaos in the astral planes is now just a mop up as things energetically settle into their new positions. But the unbalance is so great that the lower levels of the astral planes are still without coherence. The astral planes have been distorted so much that they do not yet resemble their new realities. But the patterns have been put into place and everything is energetically polarized to find its true place. As the old world self destructs around us the new world will literally snap into  place as space is created for it. Visualize a rubber band that is twisted and attached to the propeller of a model airplane. Because of the twisted rubber band the propeller tries to spin and will spin  when released until it is no longer twisted. That is the current condition of the astral planes. They are under tension and waiting to be released.

This is acting out in physical reality. In the physical world this victory is seen as the peaking of polarization in the world. The movement is now de-polarization as the high voltages find ways to dissipate and release. As these high voltages dissipate and release so does the stress and the danger. As people confront the polarized areas of confrontation they are becoming more aware of them than ever and beginning to talk about them. People are beginning to talk about how ridiculous some of this all is.

The new energies are finding a balance by way of balanced male and female energies. Each time someone falls in love a spark is released and the world is made a safer and more loving place for all of us. As the light of love increases the anger of hatred will disappear forever from the earth!

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