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Radical Satanism Book

Radical Satanism

Radical Satanism Paperback

Modern Satanism reveals the new, yet ancient path of the development of the soul and its powers through the tantric sharing of male and female sexual energies. It shows how this practice can bring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and draw Divine Counterparts to each other. This is the path of the duality of the sexes and of love, not hate. The development of the soul requires both male and female energy for its creation and we get the needed opposite sex energy from others by the sharing of love. When we experience love something inside of us grows and we become more complete. This is the development of our soul or observer self. For the first time this ancient practice is shared for the modern world in this new age. For the first time males and females can stand side by side and experience the same world!

This book also contains the essays:

The Satanism of Hanns Heinz Ewers

The Satanism of Pre War Germany

and the full text of “Synagogue of Satan” by Stanislaw Pyzybyszewski (Translated by Joe E. Bandel)

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