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Since last Sunday when the newly created “collective” timeline and Gaia multi-verse came online in physical 3D with a complete severance from non-compatible energies there has been a massive adjustment as all life forms rushed to finalize their new connections to the only game in town, the Unity Grid. I personally had to go to bed early as an uncontrollable need for sleep came over me.

Up until this point in time there has been a jockeying for position as some of the major players sought last minute advantages. But from this point on there is no longer any wiggle room. All that anyone with conscious awareness of Gaia’s ascension desires is a quick finish!

For the new elves this means a deepening of the new blueprint or pattern through a deepening of contact with their divine counterparts. This will at least happen in dreams if not otherwise. And just in time for Valentine’s Day! 🙂 For them love will raise the vibrations of their world. Make love, not war.


For the new humans it seems massive quantities of old soul/high frequency walk-ins  are the winning ticket that will bump up the frequency levels. They have no interest in 4th density or lower as they can’t integrate their own shadow aspects. Those souls that can’t raise their vibrations high enough will move to lower level hosts.

For all others not fully committed to one side or the other:


The net result will be a rapid escalation of vibrational frequency induced by new incoming energies and supported by these activities. This means more rapid polarization of people and events, greater risk of violent outbreaks and psychotic breaks in those unprepared for this.

This will include spontaneous kundalini awakenings and massive spiritual awakenings as human awareness tries to cope with the surging energies within the physical body and within the social structure. It will also include physical illness as the physical body becomes overloaded with the toxic energies it can’t process. Many will chose this way of ascension, the death of the physical body.


Contrary to popular belief the Unity Grid does allow violence, but only that of mutual destruction so expect major flareups in the middle east and other volatile hot spots around the world as the Unity Grid seeks to expel these energies in a most urgent manner. The flames will burn until the fuel is extinguished. Please pray for peace and mercy for those caught in these situations.


Expect religious fanaticism as the higher self erupts. This also points to the middle east as well as evangelical Christianity. Intolerance will reign supreme and turn against itself.


Once the flames die out there will be peace profound. Most children will not be affected directly because they don’t have repressed energies trapped inside them. It is the ones that have suffered that will have difficulties. This is not something that will go on forever, but is a one time cleansing as both the shadow and higher self erupt and burn themselves out. Possessed people will run the streets.

Once the energies have been released and run their course there will be no repressed energies or emotions left. Then the healing can begin. Then the Golden Age can begin.

Those that have done the inner work will remain safe and protected from harm. They will be guided in what to do.

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Back on 12/12/12 mother earth, Gaia, passed through an ascension portal into a new space operating under new rules. Yet the new 10D hologram creation tools were so refined that all life on mother earth just kept on creating, even though there was no “future” put in place as a guide.

There are two keys points here. The first is that all life on Gaia was participating in this new 10D hologram creation, even the lowest life forms. The second was that there was no pattern, guide or timeline to follow. It was just momentum of the old earth continuing on into the new earth energies.

This created an “emergency patch” or a temporary mock up of the “old earth” to give us some time to create a new “collective earth” and a new collective timeline. This “emergency patch” has gradually been collapsing due to internal stresses and divisions because of basic non-compatibility issues with the new energy dynamics.

Since then there has been concerted efforts by many factions to “merge” collective realities to create our new world. The final divisions were between those people I call the New Elves and the New Humans.


The new elves desired an organic  and environmentally balanced world created from balanced male/female divine counterpart relationships and independent creative expression and freedom. They worked with magick and earth energy.

The new humans were spiritually inclined toward the light, and toward a hive mind social structure that was asexual in nature and highly artificial. They brought technology and science to help create a new world.


These two factions fought for dominion and for the “collective” type of world they both desired. Both factions believed in “resonant love” as the highest guiding principle.

A small and dedicated group successfully united both sides through “resonant love” frequencies that created a multi-dimensional world/mini-universe that held space for all possibilities and worked to create a Unity Grid or multi-verse that resonated with love on all frequencies.

It gathered the new elves at one end and the new humans at the other and encompassed both in a loving embrace.

This “collective” reality has been growing stronger and stronger until it has become the dominant reality and yesterday, 1 February 2015, the “emergency patch” was jettisoned along with all non-compatible energies and this new “collective reality and timeline” became airborne with a super nova of powerful rose colored love energies that expanded throughout the universe!


The new Gaia has finally taken flight and carries all life forms along with her on this newly created and finalized timeline of rose colored resonant love energies. All non-compatible energies will be removed or eliminated in as loving a way as possible.

This is taking effect immediately and should be complete by the end of March.

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