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When we look back over the ancient history of earth we find that she has gone through many creations and destructions. With each destruction there have been some life forms that have survived and their history or “pattern” or “blueprint” is very strong and might be seen as genetic history.
So the plants have a history or “pattern” that most have followed throughout the ages.
The dinosaurs or reptiles ruled earth for ages and their “pattern” has existed for ages but has now been dismantled and deactivated by the creation of the “new elves” pattern.
The dinosaurs or dragons achieved a split civilization. Those with female souls remained behind on earth after one such destructive cycle and those with male souls left in their  space ships. We are currently re-experiencing a higher octave of this with the splitting of humanity into two species. The “new elves” are staying behind on Gaia, mother earth, while the “new humans” are in the process of going to the stars in their space ships.
So this new game or new age is an update of the old story and all old dragon souls are making the upgrade to “new elves” as the returning male souls once more find their true soulmates. In this manner, many of the “new elves” were once male or female dragon souls.
The new pattern changes the old reptile brain because it is no longer compatible. This will become more evident now as the new cycle progresses.
Another “pattern” of consequence is that of the cockroach or “hive mind” used by many species of insects. The cockroach has been one of the few species to have survived earth’s past destructions. This is the pattern that the “new humans” have chosen to pattern the new humanity after. This hive mind will manifest as a united thinking where all individual members become like the Borg on StarTrek, incapable of individual thought and expression. So when you look at the city and it reminds you of an ant hill, perhaps it is!
So humanity will begin to split in these two directions, the new elves and the new humans. Ultimately the new humans will achieve the stars just as the former dinosaurs did, leaving the new elves behind and repeating the same old pattern of grand cycles which we have just experienced.

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