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New Earth System Online and Fully Functional!


This is a channeling from my higher self and shared with those that resonate with it. It may be freely copied and posted as the information it contains is important. You may also visit my blog at:


What a busy time in the non-physical realms since 11-11-11. Yesterday, 11-17-11, the final densities, 1st density and 2nd density crossed over into the new system and for a moment/eternity the universe stood still and the Cosmic determined what to do.

In the meantime light workers and ordinary earth life in general just kept on creating like they normally do in 3d space. The old energy grid that supported the old system completely collapsed and fell away while the new made a seamless transition held together only by the thoughts and dreams of earth’s collective life..

The ascension of Mother Earth/Gaia, and all life forms upon her and within her was deemed a massive success as she had not been due to ascend until Dec. 21, 2012. Fully one year and one lunar cycle early!

It was decreed that the experiment would be allowed to continue for the next great cycle but under the new energy grid with new laws and ways of working. What this means is that many of those in 3d space/time will not even notice a change and life will continue through the coming centuries as if nothing had ever happened. The day of earth’s ascension was an ordinary day like all of the others.

It was also decreed that the new system did not require an entire year to purge the incompatible elements from within it. Now that the ascension was complete it could purge those elements in the remaining time left in this year as an act of mercy for those that have worked so hard for this victory.

Please bear in mind that with such a victory there must also be loss and those that did not achieve the results that they thought they would. To put this bluntly, now things can fall apart!

What remains will be swiftly brought back together again as even more light and love fills the world. Please take the time this holiday season to pray for loved ones and wrap them in love and healing.

Let me back up a bit and start at the beginning. The new earth system or energy grid has been slowly coming online a little bit at a time for quite a while now. One by one each of the higher densities has been moved over into it seamlessly. Once active in the new system that particular density began to follow the new rules and acted to prevent many of the disasters that were predicted to happen. This process began to accelerate after 5th density was activated last spring, then 4th density this summer and 3rd density on 11-11-11. In an exponential manner 2nd and 1st happened on the same day. This is the vision I received from my higher self. This was all done seamlessly and hardly anyone noticed but now that it is all done many will notice and will rejoice! But some will weep because now it is safe for things to fall apart. None will be lost. Death, if it comes will only affect the physical body. It is nothing to be afraid of. The soul, the spirit will remain safe.

In later posts I will describe the workings of this new energy grid as it has been given to me. This post simply deals with the need to let people know that now the other shoe is going to drop and they should do what they can to wrap themselves and their loved ones in love and light.

The two main things that I suspect will happen are a limited war between Israel and the Arab States and the collapse of the European money system. These things have been forcibly prevented from happening and now those restraints have been removed. Please pray for those people that are/will be affected by coming events and send them peace and love. Triggers for military action tend to happen around the new moon under cover of darkness. Don’t be surprised at something occurring on Thanksgiving weekend.


The success of earth’s ascension has prompted the Cosmic to decree that the rest of the universe will be upgraded to the 3d holographic model. This means some major changes to our star friends as they will be taking on added dimensionality.

The eight densities serve as eight data strands for the holographic model. In the old system each density represented an individual reality or dimension. Each ascension process required a complete reset since physical, 3rd density life was lost. This is no longer the case.

People will continue to experience 3d earth experience with the added sensory/multidimensional data needed to enhance their experience.

It might make sense to think of the eight dimensions as the data strands/recording before it is played as a hologram. It is the computer code that makes the game work and can be altered by master computer programers even as the program is running. Those able to function at various densities can alter or rewrite portions of their own life story/adventure.

The higher densities happen in the future and the lower densities happen sooner. In any case all eight strands must be completed before the individual hologram can play.

Earth is not separating into a planet A and planet B. Planet A is simply the eight density data stream and planet B is the first density data stream. They will be joined back together as the new hologram plays, or I should say, they have already been  joined back together as the new hologram is currently playing.


Bright blessings,




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Safely Grounding for the 11-11-11 Activation


The 11-11-11 stargate is almost upon us and suddenly many lightworkers/star children are getting the message to ground to the earth for safety at this time. While I agree wholeheartedly with this I must caution against going too fast. There are literally thousands of volts that will be going through the physical body when it passes through this transition and taking the time to bleed off any of this safely will help prevent damage to the physical body.


There is a profound and intense attraction between the pure dark earth energy and the light. Star seeds and lightworkers have largely ignored the three lower chakras and their astral bodies. These should be integrated at this time as well and energy channels created through them in a proper manner.


This is what not to do! Do not visualize light coming down from source and flowing into the earth and then turn around and visualize earth energy coming up from the earth through your body and up the crown chakra. It will not make it that far before the two energies collide in a massive energy exchange or shorting out!


Instead bring the light down into the solar plexus chakra first as an energy ball and rotate it until it feels stable, then raise this energy ball of solar plexus energy into the light along with all toxins that will attach to it. Release the toxins into the light and bring the energy back down and repeat the process until the solar plexus chakra is clear.


Only then continue on to the Spleen chakra and do the same.  Collect all the toxins that are attracted to it and release them into the light. After it is complete you can go to the root chakra and clear it. Only then continue down to the chakra where the feet touch the ground and finally you can safely  bring light down into the core of the earth itself.


What this process does is create safe and natural energy pathways for the surge of energy that is soon to come. It also clears each chakra and makes it ready for the 11-11-11 gateway.


I have gone through this process and been working with the earth energies for a long time now. Please consider this advice very seriously.


Bright blessings,



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